The Corrugated Iron Club

Welcome! This virtual community welcomes enthusiasts from all over the world. If we had a membership it would be by submission of photographs and captions, notes, essays, observations that might make their way onto the web-site.

It may be thought that sheets of galvanised corrugated iron would make for standardised buildings. Far from it. The material has not had a homogenising influence mainly because it lends itself to small scale, self-build enterprises which reflect a precise functional response to need. The result is simplicity, functionally dictated and locally tempered, and sometimes idiosyncrasy plays a part.

Colours often carry or create local resonances – red, black, white, grey, whilst sympathetic deterioration leads to the soft rusty patinated walls and roofs which feel such a part of the landscape.

“I have always thought that cui is one of the most valuable conservation materials ever invented: it has probably saved more historic buildings than anything else. Not only that, but it looks really good in the countryside” … NM