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Corrugated iron club

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A 19th century catalogue

Words for
Corrugated Iron

Tin Tabernacles


Nissen Huts







New Zealand

Corrugated Iron ‘Down the Deep Lanes’

Corrugated Iron: A Personal Interest

Corrugated Iron Buildings in County Durham

Photos from the Dorset Buildings Group

Poetry and Music


On the Beach …

Royal Gunpowder Mills


The Cake Tin

Corrugated Iron and wild life

Tin Towns


An Australian web-site

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Answer and offer some

Some Answers and Technical Notes

Due to other commitments we are not able to accept contributions to this site for the time being – we hope to return to it during 2005, so keep looking!
We also apologize to anyone who has e-mailed us and has not received a reply – there is a large backlog which may not be addressed for the foreseeable future.

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